New Ransomware called LooCipher has been found in the Wild

  1. The phishing email, in the delivery category, should have been caught by commercial email protection tools.
  2. The dropper file (Info_BSV_2019.docm), in the delivery category, should have been caught by malware tools as well as other AV tools. Note, the end user in this case had to allow the macros to run. User awareness is still essential to defending against these types of attacks!
  3. Once the macros have been enabled, the malware reaches out to a TOR server to download another file ( In this case, this should have been detected in the command and control as well as the delivery category. These categories usually are defended by threat intel tools, malware tools, and host based tools.
  4. Finally, a new file (c2056.ini) will be created and the file encryption process begins. This file creation and subsequent encryption should be caught in the actions and exfiltration category and protected by tools such as threat intel, process anomaly detection, firewalls, and malware tools.
  1. Our phishing detection would evaluate the malicious URL and mitigate its risk
  2. The dropper file referenced above would have been evaluated by our malware tool and mitigated.
  3. Had the dropper file passed the malware test, the server sensor would have caught the behavior change (i.e. new process spawn with a new connection to the TOR server).
  4. If the dropper file passed the malware and server sensor assessment, the call to the TOR server could have been mitigated at the network level. The Starlight platform would have signaled the network firewalls to implement a block to the target server.
  5. The new file download ( could have been caught and mitigated at the server sensor or malware assessment.
  6. Finally, the encryption process would be detected by the server sensor and mitigation techniques applied to prevent/stop the process from continuing.



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